GroovePacks Extreme Samples

GroovePacks has released Extreme Samples, a new sample pack featuring loops destined to stand out from the crowd.

This collection of 125 loops is not your ordinary bread & butter sounds.

These are sounds for when you are looking for something “else”, with a bit of character or completely mangled out to use as a stand out piece on your track, to build the drama in a breakdown or to put it in the background and give your track some texture and interest. Some of them also make for very good material to put into a sampler or a sample manipulating synth to further shape and modulate them.

These samples have undergone a whole stream of processing, degrading, glitching and everything in between. Most of the loops are quite big, 8 bars, 16 bars, 4bars… only a few are 2 bar loops.

Use one or two of these sounds in a track that is sounding particularly bland and it will immediately improve!

Extreme Samples features

  • 276MB content, 24bit/44.1Khz samples.
  • 125 unique samples in total, divided like this:
    • 25 Ambiences loops.
    • 20 Crazy Sequences loops.
    • 20 Glitch loops.
    • 20 Percussion loops.
    • 20 Processed Drumloops.
    • 20 Rhythmic Textures loops.

Extreme Samples is available to purchase as a download for 9.90 EUR.

Visit GroovePacks for more information.