GSi ShakePad

GSi has announced ShakePad, a multi-effect plug-in.

Guido writes:

Hello Folks! I’ve been quite busy for a long while, but here I am again with a little funny virtual effect that many of you may appreciate. It’s based on a X-Y pad that you can handle with your mouse or from an external controller. It’s mostly intended for DJ’s and for those who want to have fun with their music by adding some real-time manipulation, but it’s also nice to use for keyboards and other single instrument tracks.

ShakePad is currently under public beta testing (have a look at the KvR forums) and will hopefully be available before the end of July. Registration fee will be just 29 euros with an initial introductory offer.

The public beta is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows (Mac OS X AU and VST versions will follow).

Check the thread at KVR Audio for more information.