GSi Key Performer

GSi has released Key Performer, the Swiss Army knife of the modern gigging keyboardist.

It’s a single software instrument which offers a wide variety of keyboard sounds that are always used in almost all musical genres where a keyboardist is involved

Key Performer features

  • Several classic keyboard sounds including pianos, electric pianos, synths, organs, etc.
  • A sample playback section (aka “ROMpler”) with “adaptive playback”
  • A physical modeling classic Electric Piano
  • A physical modeling “Wurly” piano
  • A phase modulation synthesizer for the famous DX Piano
  • A Virtual Analog polyphonic synthesizer
  • A Virtual Tonewheel Organ with rotary speaker effect
  • Two effect slots with all the most famous effects
  • An AMP simulation section with overdrive
  • A global Reverb effect
  • 64 Programs per bank, 9 snaphots for organ sections and 9 for VA synth
  • Full MIDI implementation
  • Easy MIDI Learn
  • Huge efficiency with very low CPU power requirements
  • Simplicity of use, Versatility, Stability, Expandibility, Authenticity!

Key Performer is available now as a VST instrument for Windows (Mac version coming soon) for an introductory price of 99 EUR until March 31, 2009 CET (regular price 149 EUR). A demo version can be downloaded from the product page.

Visit GSi for more information