Genuine Soundware Instruments has announced the release of VB3m for iOS and Android, the mobile version of the renowned VB3 tonewheel organ simulator.

VB3m is based on the tonewheel engine of VB3 version 1.4 with a new digital reverb and a two-band stereo EQ.

VB3m features

  • Two manuals plus pedalboard responding to Midi channels 1, 2 and 3.
  • Two sets of 9 drawbars each for upper and lower manual.
  • Two drawbars for the pedalboard.
  • Physical modeling engine with full polyphony (91 tonewheels).
  • Rotary speaker effect with two variations plus one static amp.
  • Tube overdrive simulation.
  • Two band equalizer.
  • Digital reverb.
  • 16 factory presets.
  • On screen keyboard (upper manual only).
  • Split function.
  • Pedal-to-lower function.
  • Full Midi CC Mapping.
  • Automatic audio settings for the lowest latency based on OBOE (Android) and Core Audio (iOS).

The app is available for $13.99 USD.

More information: Genuine Soundware