GSi has released a 64-bit Windows version of its GS-201 Tape Echo effect plugin.

GSi GS-201 Tape Echo

GS-201 is an accurate simulation of a Japanese Tape Echo machine of the early seventies, featuring:

Distinctive dynamic range and frequency response.
Realistic response to the panel controls.
Motor “wow and flutter”.
Sound degradation and distortion at high feedback levels.
Very natural hum and background tape noise.
Three different kinds of magnetic tape models.
Ultra-low CPU usage.
Easy “MIDI Learn” function.

Changes in GS-201 Tape Echo for Windows

  • Recompiled as x64 for Windows.
  • Changed .dat file to .ini.
  • The .ini and .lic files are now stored in a Windows user folder.
  • Sound and functions are identical to the old version, only internally optimized (nothing that you would notice from the outside).

GS-201 Tape Echo for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for purchase for 19 EUR. Note that the Mac version was not updated and is still 32-bit only.

More information: GSi / GS-201 Tape Echo