GSi MrTramp2

GSi has released version 2.1 of MrTramp, a free electric piano instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

MrTramp2 is the sequel of my previous plugin “MrTramp”, a physical modeling simulation of the soulful Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano.

Changes in MrTramp v2.1.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some hosts to crash upon plug-in scanning or initializing (VST version on Live 8.x, old Cubase LE, some version of Reaper, etc.).
  • Something has been changed in the sound: there was something wrong in the attack for being a Wurly, it was too plain and soft… now it sounds way more… Wurly-ish.

MrTramp2 is available as a freeware instrument plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: GSi / MrTramp2 (direct download)