VST Buzz has launched a limited time sale on The Cuatro, a Kontakt instrument library by Guareschi featuring the sounds of the traditional string instrument from Venezuela.

From the creator of The Ronroco and The Bandoneón, the film composer Guillermo Guareschi surprises us with new sampling and scripting techniques. The Cuatro was recorded in his new studio in the Sierras of the Spanish Mediterranean, where he achieved a significant upgrade in the sound.

”As a film composer and music producer, I designed The Cuatro with the tools necessary to create intuitively and with a minimal learning curve to capture the idiomatic language of the instrument in mind.”

Besides being a powerful tool for creating authentic South American music, The Cuatro works wonderfully in modern productions, such as pop music, chill out, world music, and film music, among other genres. Thanks to its open organic sound, it can easily take effects such as reverb, EQ, delay, chorus, phaser, and anything else you can think of.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 5.6 or higher, The Cuatro is on sale for 15 EUR until January 2nd, 2023 (regular 35 EUR). Prices ex. VAT in EU.

More information: VST Buzz