GuDa Audio has released SynthR, a software synthesizer instrument with drag and drop modulation routing, lots of modulation sources and built-in effects.

GuDa Audio SynthR

SynthR is a flexible synthesizer with drag and drop modulations, clean anti aliased oscillators and sweet saturated multi mode filter. It packs great effects and flexible LFO shapes.

SynthR features

  • 3 oscillators with saw, triangle, square and sine shape with sync support. FM is possible with modulation from other oscillators.
  • 5 AHDSR Envelopes with adjustable shape from fully linear to exponential.
  • Filter with choice of: off, transistor ladder, k 2pole, diode ladder, svf 2p low pass, svf 2p high pass, svf 2p band pass and basic 2p low pass.
  • 5 LFOs with spline draw able shapes. LFOs can be set to free, tempo synced, note triggered loop or note triggered one shot. Personal shapes can be saved and loaded from easy to use preview images.
  • Effect section include dist, echo, chorus, reverb and compressor.
  • Easy to change color themes and looks.

SynthR is available for the intro price of 19 USD/EUR until May 1st, 2019. The regular price is 59 USD/EUR.

More information: GuDa Audio

GuDa Audio SynthR red