Guitar Master Class has announced the 40 Guitar Techniques Solo, a unique guitar solo lesson.

GMC 40 Guitar Techniques

How many guitar techniques are out there? That is the question we asked ourselves. But then it struck us that the question isn’t really relevant – it’s like asking “how many words exist in the world”. What counts is how you use your vocabulary – so that you can form strong and relevant sentences.

We decided to put all essential techniques into one single solo – to lay the basis for one of the coolest Guitar Master Class lessons ever: 40 Techniques Solo
It’s also the first lesson we have ever produced that is completely free to the public! is an international musicians community and guitar instructional guitar web site with over 15 000 members and over 2700 lessons. Our focus is learning through interaction and our instructors are there for you – in the forum, live video chats, through recording collaboration songs and personalized instructor led mentoring programs or for just hanging out. Drop by and say hello!

More information: Guitar Master Class / 40 Techniques Solo