Monster Sounds Gully Grime

Monster Sounds has released Gully Grime, a collection of grime samples.

The genre has been building its way from the streets for now over 15 years and has become a huge force and the building blocks of some of the Uks best most diverse and interesting music becoming almost the perfect tonic to the last few years of EDM’s slick production.

Rooted heavily in the UK’s rich and talented seam of electronic producers. Grime is all about capturing the raw energy of the streets and releasing it in sometimes unexpected and interesting rhythms drawing on beat influences from drum and bass, break beats, hip hop and garage, fusing it all together and throwing away the old rule book. Musically the rawness is also there and ranges from the simple dance music synth line to a more cinematic, brooding darkness or even a slamming jungle inspired bassline.

Often simple is better to allow room for the MC’s to work and this is the route we have taken with this collection of gutter scraping sounds, beats, basslines and riffs ….we like to keep it simple but make it slam.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £29.95 GBP, with parts also sold separately.

More information: Monster Sounds / Gully Grime