Poetic Guitar 2

H.E.Audio has released Poetic Guitar 2, a collection of virtual guitar instruments for Windows and Mac.

Poetic Guitar 2 has been developed over two years; designed from the ground up, taking on board customer feedback from the Poetic Guitar 1 series, to provide professional quality sound, better performance and a more enjoyable intuitive, interactive experience.

Poetic Guitar 2 features

  • Over 9GB of professionally played and recorded acoustic guitar samples.
  • Custom mic placement recording designed for artifact free Stereo to Mono sound field.
  • Sample Streaming technology accesses guitar sample banks.
  • Sample Circulation Techniques employ multiple sample layers which are alternated to produce a performance.
  • All new Chord and Strum system allows guitar performances for both novice and expert users.
  • The Strum Sequence function allows a user to create rhythm patterns for chord and/or string plucking.
  • An 8-stage graphical envelope allows the user to shape the sound anyway you choose.
  • ‘A.I.’ settings determine how strictly the guitar adheres to string and fingering of real guitars.
  • Many different playing techniques are utilized by pressing a Keyswitch, allowing the user to add Harmonics, Slide Up, Slide Down, Hammer On, Pull Off, Slide In, Slide Out or Mute styles into a performance. Also, note bending and true guitar finger vibrato are supported.
  • Legato mode techniques for playing styles Slide Up/Slide Down and Hammer On/Pull Off, designed to make keyboard playing these styles more simple.
  • Auto-playing Natural Noises. When activated, many different types of string or finger noise sounds will be played automatically, designed to provide a quick and easy way to add more realism to a performance.
  • Velocity Sensitivity & Contour. The Guitar provides many velocity contour modes to suit a particular playing style.
  • Comprehensive Effects Section: Nine Effects: Gate, Compressor, Overdrive, Tremolo, 5 Band EQ, Chorus, Pitch Shifter, Stereo Echo, Reverb.

The Poetic Guitars 2 for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) cost $99 USD (single instrument) / $169 USD (2 instruments) / $208 USD (3 instruments).

Visit H.E.Audio for more information.