Hachion Sound has launched Various Bass Koto Performance, a sample pack that brings the sounds of a 17-string koto instrument played by Asako Mochizuki.

Hachion Sound 17 String Koto

The 17-string koto is a traditional Japanese musical instrument, a zither with seventeen strings. It is a variant of the koto, which traditionally has thirteen strings.

The instrument is also known as jushichi-genso, “seventeen-stringed koto” or “bass koto” which has a deeper sound and requires specialized plectra (picks worn attached to the player’s fingers with which the strings are plucked).

The bass koto is similarly made from the Paulownia tomentosa (kiri) wood but the thickness of the wood so taken is approximately twice that of a single koto. They give a much deeper sound.

Various Bass Koto Performance features

  • 1.27 GB content, 24-bit quality.
  • WAV & Apple Loops formats.
  • Includes over 300 single hits in total.
  • 68 Loops (100-170 bpm).
  • 29 Finger hits.
  • 29 String FX.
  • 58 Mute hits (includes hard & soft hits).
  • 28 Pick Bend hits.
  • 37 Pick Sustain hits.
  • 29 Staccato hits.
  • 29 Tremolo hits.
  • 25 Vibrato hits.

The sample pack costs £24.95 GBP.

More information: Hachion Sound Japan