Power Tools for Reason 6 by Andrew Eisele

Hal Leonard Books has announced it is now shipping Power Tools for Reason 6 by Andrew Eisele.

Power Tools for Reason 6 is a comprehensive book that provides a quick-start tutorial that not only gets you up and running quickly, but also delves into advanced sequencing and mixing techniques.

With an unbelievable array of tools, Reason 6 gives you everything necessary to record, mix and produce music projects from start to finish. Reason 6 has the best of Propellerhead’s Record and Reason, with the addition of some fantastic new features and effects, including the Pulveriser Demolition, Alligator Filter Gate, and the Echo tape delay. With the ability to record and edit audio directly into the arrangement window – and with audio time-stretching capabilities – it is now possible to record audio and adjust the tempo while keeping everything in sample accurate synchronization.

Power Tools for Reason 6

  • How to set up your studio for Reason 6.
  • An overview of the feature set.
  • An explanation of MIDI concepts from signal flow and recording to hardware and instruments.
  • A sound primer for digital audio concepts and recording.
  • How to get the most out of the synths, effects, drum and percussion instruments, and routing capabilities of Reason 6.
  • How to best use the sampler to capture, play back and manipulate digital audio.
  • Includes video tutorials on an accompanying DVD-ROM that let you see and hear many of the most important tools and techniques now available in Reason.

Power Tools for Reason 6 is available to purchase for $39.99 USD.

More information: Hal Leonard Books / Power Tools for Reason 6