Hal Leonard has released Mic Choices & Placement, a new installment of The Blackbird Foundation Series at Groove3.

Blackbird Academy Mic Choices & Placement

Taught by The Blackbird Academy Co-Director and Instructor Kevin Becka, this new course covers the essential information need to choose and place the right microphone to get a great sound at the source.

The course is broken up into 9 easy-to-digest tutorials, each not longer than 5 minutes, ideal for learning throughout the day when time allows. Topics include:

  • Microphone features: phantom power, front and side address, on- and off-axis.
  • Frequency Response & Directionality: polar patterns and how they affect the quality of your recording.
  • Proximity Effect and why no two mics sound the same.
  • Voicing, Roll-Off & Pad.
  • Mono & Stereo Placement.
  • Specialty mics.

Kevin Becka leads the tutorials at an easy-to-follow speed, accompanied by professional video and great visuals from Blackbird Studios in the heart of music town Nashville, TN.

Mic Choices & Placement is available for purchase at Groove3.com for $15 USD or with Groove3’s All Access Pass for $15 USD/month.

More information: Groove3 / Mic Choices & Placement