Spitfire Audio has launched a Halloween Sale with 30% discount on selected instrument libraries.

To celebrate Hallowe’en this year, we’re offering you 30% off four of our most thrilling libraries, chosen by our founder, Christian Henson.

In every horror movie — from psychological thrillers to white-knuckle horror and cult classics — the music and sound design is what really makes your hairs stand on end. Designed specifically for horror movie scoring, these four libraries will add tension, suspense and drama to your scores.

Choose Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit for Psycho-inspired string and orchestral arrangements, or Angular String Evolutions for suspenseful and atmospheric evolving strings. We also bring you two unconventional percussion libraries: Scraped Percussion, for all those short, sharp shocks, and HG2O, a beautiful, atmospheric water-based instrument, to add eerie, glistening beauty.

The sale ends October 31st, 2019.

More information: Spitfire Audio