Writing this in the final few hours of 2021, and reflecting on how the year went, I can only be grateful for making it through without too many scratches.

Similar to last year, we’ve had the challenges of lockdowns and trying to stay sane with everything going on in our busy household.

Maybe you remember back in January I said that I was going to run Rekkerd differently so I could spend more time on fun things, but after giving it a try I found it pretty much impossible to curate all the news and deals in a sensible way. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you think.

I’ve actually put more time and effort into Rekkerd in 2021 than ever before, yet my income went down. Funny how that works sometimes… But I can’t complain because after more than 16 years of Rekkerd, I still enjoy running it.

Over 4,600 news articles, a host of giveaway contests, countless updates to a never ending list of deals, I even did a few reviews this year. Thanks to Arturia I’ve been having some fun music time away from the computer with the lovely MicroFreak synth.

I want to thank all of you for supporting Rekkerd in one way or another, by visiting the website, leaving comments or writing me with news and tips, giving me financial support at Patreon and Kofi, or making purchases through my affiliate links from partners such as Plugin Boutique and ADSR Sounds.

I wish you a peaceful 2022, full of love and health, and of course lots of music making happiness!