Harbinger Pro Audio has announced the LP7800, an 800-watt, 12-channel, traditional power mixer with a full complement of built-in digital effects, graphic EQs, input pads and filters, monitor sends and routing options.

The LP7800 powered mixer sports a classic “P.A. head” form factor, providing bands, choirs, schools, rehearsal rooms, and small to medium-sized performance venues with everything needed to sound stellar, time after time.

Harbinger LP7800 angle

The twelve input channels include four mono inputs and four stereo pairs. Seven balanced XLR microphone inputs offer 48V phantom power for condenser mics. Channels 1 through 4 add mono ¼-inch line-level inputs, a -25 dB pad to tame “hot” sources and low-end rumble, and clip indicators to help users instantly diagnose gain issues. With stereo ¼-inch inputs (in addition to mono XLR), channels 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10 are ideal for keyboards and groove boxes. Channel 11-12 features stereo RCA inputs and outputs for connecting a CD player, mobile device, laptop, or DJ equipment.

Every input channel has its own three-band EQ, monitor send, and effects send. High-quality digital effects run the gamut from reverbs and delays to chorus and flanger-and even a vintage rotary speaker simulation. The Variant knob quickly fine-tunes key effects parameters to taste, and an effects-to-monitor send adjusts the intensity of effects heard in the monitors. Effects can be toggled on and off with a footswitch, which is often desirable when the singer in a band also performs emcee duties at an event.

Featuring 800 watts of clean and efficient Class-D power, the LP7800 can be configured in three ways, using a handy front-panel switch: Its two sections can drive left and right speakers in a stereo P.A. system, act as main and monitor sections, or be bridged in mono for maximum output. Independent nine-band graphic EQ for each section makes it easy to sculpt the sound to the room and cut any troublemaking feedback frequencies. EQ sliders all have embedded LEDs for easy viewing of the settings on dark stages.

Flexible audio I/O seamlessly integrates the LP7800 with other sound gear. Line-level outputs for the left/mono, right, and monitor sections can feed additional amps or powered speakers, increasing the system’s coverage. Power amp inputs route a line-level source to the LP7800’s amplifier section and could be employed (for example) to attach another mixer, expanding the number of inputs without taking up an input channel.

The LP7800’s rugged construction, including corner protectors and heavy-duty vinyl covering, ensures every unit will sound and look great for years to come. Five-segment LED meters on both output sections let users know at a glance if the LP7800 is working too hard-or not hard enough.

Harbinger LP7800 back

LP7800 features

  • 12-channel mixer versatile enough for rehearsals, gigs and jamming.
  • 800-watt amplifier with Stereo, Main/Monitor, and Mono Bridge power modes.
  • Studio-grade DSP effects with performance-ready presets.
  • 7 XLR inputs with 48V phantom power.
  • 4 XLR mic/line channels with -25 dB pad and clip indicator.
  • 3 XLR mic/stereo line channels.
  • -25dB pad and Rumble Filter on channels 1 through 4.
  • Dual 9-band graphic EQ with LEDs.
  • 3-band EQ per input.
  • FX Send and Aux send per input.
  • 5-segment LED meters per power amp channel.
  • Quick Parameter adjustment to dial in reverbs, delays, and chorus.
  • RCA Aux-In and Aux Out.
  • Line outputs connect powered speakers or monitors.
  • Rugged construction with protective corners and covering.

The Harbinger LP7800 powered mixer will be available at Guitar Center stores and MusiciansFriend.com in February 2019, at a street price of $399.99 USD.

More information: Harbinger Pro Audio

Harbinger LP7800