Hardcore Harmonics has released an atmospheric virtual instrument for Windows PC.

Using Evolvers, mystical and haunting vocals, lush pads and strings, symphonic brass, guitars, plucked instruments, insanely fat analog timbres, crazy modelled instruments, pianos, sound effects and morphing soundscapes, you can create phenomenal sound tracks for film, television, games and all types of musical genres.

Prizm features

  • Wusik engine based instrument with 6 oscillator channels, full effects section, dual step sequencers, arps, mixing section, low frequency oscillators (lfo), filters, eq and a complete modulation matrix.
  • 35 gigabyte core library of sounds that covers a wide spectrum of sonic capabilities. Everything was recorded and sampled at 24 bit, 48khz for a totally pristine, HD-DVD-ready experience.

Prizm is available now for download for $199 USD. Wusikstation owners have the option to update to the Prizm synth for $39 USD and an upgrade to Prizm including the core library is $149 USD.

Visit Hardcore Harmonics for more information and audio demos.