HardWire has announced the HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner, a tuner for guitarists and bassists that can be used to tune all 6 strings of an instrument simultaneously.

Based on technology from 3dB Research, the HT-6 is designed to make tuning instruments faster and easier by strumming all strings and viewing the ‘string’ display readout as to which string is in or out of tune.

The HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner pedal interface is similar to chromatic tuning pedals, but features standard effects pedal, 6 rows of LED lights (one for each string) and an LED display matrix that represents the six strings of a guitar or bass. Two buttons on the HT-6 Tuner’s top display panel are used for selecting display modes (Mode) and tuning references (Tuning).

HT-6 features

  • True Bypass circuitry preserves your tone when bypassed.
  • 5 Tuning Modes: Standard, Drop-D, 4-String, 5-String, and 6-String Bass.
  • Player intuitive display with 90 LEDs, 15 per string, so you can quickly see which strings need to be tuned.
  • 9V Battery Operation with Constant High-Voltage Rails.
  • 9V DC Power output for power chains (cable optional).
  • Patented Pedal Release Pins for fast access to battery compartment.
  • Rugged, all metal construction for durability.
  • Slightly wider footprint for stability on stage.
  • HardWire Pedals include the following stage accessories
    • Pedal Switch Glow Sticker helps you locate the pedal in adverse stage lighting.
    • Custom-cut Hook and Loop Pedalboard Pad to attach and lock your pedals to your pedalboard.
  • Longest pedal warranty available

The HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner is expected to ship in March 2011 with an estimated price of £99 RRP inc VAT.

More information: HardWire