Harrison Consoles has released the latest plugin in the AVA series of effects that is designed to retain the sound and character of the original analog system.

AVA Bass Flow is an all-in-one bass processing suite.

AVA Bass Flow is a channel strip plug-in designed for mixing bass. It contains 4 routable processing elements and a master section with input, output, and routing controls.

The elements included are :

  • Bass Character: A unique 2-band EQ that tracks the pitch of bass notes and allows for boosting or cutting the harmonics within the instrument’s frequency spectrum.
  • Spectral Bass Compressor: A spectral compressor with 6 bands of compression fixed across the bass frequency range.
  • Equalizer: An intuitive 5-band EQ, based on Harrison’s LegacyQ plugin, with 2 filter bands and a wide variety of curve shapes.
  • Chorus: A creative effect that can be used to boost presence or to add extra motion to a bass signal.

Available as a VST/VST3, AU and AAX compatible plugin, AVA Bass Flow is available from Harrison Consoles at the introductory price of $89 USD (regular $179 USD).

Harrison AVA Bass Flow