PluginFox is offering over 30% off on the Harrison AVA Spectral Compressor, an 18-band dynamic processor effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Harrison AVASpectralCompressor

Harrison’s reputation for “True Analog In-The-Box” sound is due to their unique development heritage: they first created an analog console processor and then converted the processor to digital while retaining the sound and character of the original analog system.

The AVA Spectral Compressor is a dynamics processor that allows you to apply compression selectively across 18 frequency bands. These compression bands can either be spread out across the full range of the spectrum, or focused on a specific frequency range for more precise control.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, the AVA Spectral Compressor is on sale for $39 USD until December 6th, 2020 (regular $69 USD).

More information: Harrison Consoles