Harrison Consoles Mixbus

Harrison Consoles has announced the release of Mixbus 2.0, a progressive workstation that combines open-source development with Harrison’s 30-year heritage of building world-class mixing systems.

Mixbus provides an integrated “analog-style” mixer along with a world-class editor in a very cost-effective package. Version 2.0 represents a dramatic leap forward for mixing and editing in the box.

Changes in Mixbus 2.0

  • New Mixer Features:
    • 8 Mix Bus Sends! We doubled the mixbuses so there are enough for groups as well as FX returns. Even more of what made Mixbus special!
    • Plugin Effect Control Sliders allow you to map plugin controls directly to controls on the mixer strip. Give your plugins the Mixbus treatment!
    • Input Trim, Makeup Gain, Sidechain, and Master Limiter controls are now available directly from the mixer window.
    • Improved Mixer navigation and display, including narrow mixer strip and the ability to show/hide Mix Buses as needed.
    • New Phase-Correlation meter on the Master Bus displays mono compatibility of the stereo mix.
    • Polarity (phase) buttons on the top of every mixer strip.
    • Plugins, sends, inserts and the fader now appear in a single redirect box at the top of the mixer strip. This allows easier signal reordering and allows more space for Mixbus controls.
  • Editor Improvements:
    • New, improved Crossfade, Layering, and Automation editing.
    • “Smart Object” Mode : Allows a combination of object and range mode.
    • Ripple Editing mode : Greatly speeds up the process of spoken-word and radio edits.
    • Regions are transparent while being dragged, but switch to opaque when you drop them in place. Line up transients on overdubs with ease!
  • Other Improvements:
    • New, better documentation and easier installation.
    • More keybindings such as mute/solo/record for selected tracks. Keyboard power-users never have to touch the mouse for recording & editing.
    • Taller, higher-contrast faders on the mixer strips.
    • Many user-suggested menu tweaks which make the most-used functions easier to find.
    • Range-selection behavior now allows you to drag down across multiple tracks at once – while also supporting edit groups.
    • Realtime automation recording is much more robust; you can even record automation while looping!
    • Automation and Region Gain Line editing is much faster. You can now grab a range of time and drag the automation line for quick level rides.

Mixbus 2.0 is available to purchase for Mac and Linux (Windows under development) for $219 USD.

More information: Harrison Mixbus