Harrison Mixbus (on Linux)

Harrison Consoles has released version 1.5 of Harrison Mixbus, a console mixing software for Linux and Mac OSX.

Mixbus is an “analog console” that has been incorporated into a Digital Audio Workstation. The Mixbus engine was developed in-house at Harrison Consoles, where we have been designing high-end digital and analog consoles for over 30 years.

Changes in Harrison Mixbus v1.5

  • New Region-Gain-Range editing mode.
  • New “Join Playhead to Edit Range” transport/editing mode.
  • New key-mappable “play with pre-roll” in Transport menu.
  • Channel compressor controls are tweaked for easier setup with drums & percussion.
  • Dynamic automation is now “thinned” during recording. Thinning strength is configurable via ardour.rc file.
  • Fixed bug with automation editing associated with zooming in & out while editing.
  • Fixed bug where end marker moves to the end of last recorded region whenever you change the end trim of any region.

Harrison Mixbus is available to purchase for $79.99 USD. The update is free for current Mixbus users.

More information: Harrison Mixbus