HartFX has launched with its first release Industrial 001, a sound fx library featuring the sounds of various industrial tools.

HartFX Industrial 001

It’s HUGE. As in over 22gb of sound. All in 192k/24b. If you played all of the the files back to back, it would take you over 5 1/2 hours to listen to it all. And that’s not even the cool part.

This is kind of a unique library. I recorded with a number of microphone (up to 8 at times) into two Deva V recorders (a single one didn’t like recording 8 channels of 192k/24b!). Then in post, I mixed and matched different mics to make the baddest, beefiest sounding tools I could. But the cool thing is that I’ve also included the separate mics on their own, all time aligned and all, so you can do your own mix, or just chose one perspective you like for a specific sound. So there are over 1000 sounds, but sometimes you have 5 different perspectives of the same sound. Completely customizable! It’s all labelled in the metadata too, so you can search by how many feet the mic was from the sound if you’d like, or from Close, Medium, or Far Perspectives.

Industrial Library 001 is available to purchase in three editions:

  • Industrial 001 Complete HD Edition $99 USD, 250 files 192k/24bit.
  • Industrial 001 Economy Edition $59 USD, 50 files 96k/24bit.
  • Industrial 001 Lite Edition $29 USD, 46 files 48k/24bit.

A Free Edition featuring 10 highlight mixes in 320kbps mp3 format and 1 192k file is available to download from the HartFX website.