Diginoiz has released a new virtual instrument designed make the creation of Trap hi-hats a smooth, easy and proficient process.

Hattricks is a sampler and a sequencer with rhythm divisions assigned to keys, allowing you to record hi-hat parts in real-time, or program them to get a groove going with only a few clicks.

In practice you just press a key and it plays a pre-programmed looped rhythm division, for example, you press D3 and it plays 1/4 notes, E3 plays 1/8 notes and so on up to those 1/128 rolls that are on the brink of one’s perception. Of course, it has triplets too! All that lets you record those otherwise unplayable hi-hat parts in real-time, or if you’d rather programme them, getting a groove will only require a few clicks and not a hundred. Imagine how much of your time and creative energy it will save you!

The instrument comes with 900 top-quality sounds, including 853 hi-hat samples and 45 bonus drum samples. You can also load your own samples, and controls are available to refine the sample length, retune, filter, and adjust attack, decay and release times.

Available in VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac, Hattricks is on sale at Plugin Boutique for the intro price of 39.90 EUR until March 31st, 2021 (regular 59.90 EUR).

More information: Diginoiz