Haunted House Records Toxic Beats

Haunted House Records has released Toxic Beats, a new sample library.

Unleash skull crushing brutality from this amazing value bumper collection of beats and drum kits to supercharge your Industrial, EBM (Electronic Body Music), and Techno music.

The drum loops in this collection come in 3 different tempo groups, 128, 135, 145 bpm. Each drum loop comes in 2 versions. One version includes a kick drum, and the other version has the kick removed so you can use them as a top loop with your own kick drum to give you ultimate flexibility.

This sample library also comes with 28 distorted and processed drum kits so you can make your own beats. The drum hits are arranged both into pre packaged kits and as a seperate collection of kicks, snares, claps, hats, toms etc.

Toxic Beats features

  • 840 Kick and Kick Free drum loops split over 3 bpm groups (128, 135, and 145bpm).
  • Includes 28 Skull Crushing Beats, 34 Kick Drums, 31 Snares, 30 Claps, 61 Hats, 75 Toms, 24 Rim Shots, 24 Rides, 31 Crashes.
  • Each loop, kit and hit has been synthesised from scratch and subjected to punishing levels of analog and DSP programming to give you a drum collection that includes a totally devastating array of sonic surgery.

Toxic Beats is available to purchase for £14.99 GBP.

More information: Haunted House Records / Toxic Beats