It Might Get Loud Productions has released HC Essentials, a new drum MIDI groove pack featuring over 90 unique beats and over 30 drum fills.

HC Essentials includes all the essential Hardcore Drum Beats such as Thrash Beats, D-Beats, Breakdowns, Beatdowns, 2 Steps, Buildups, Tom Rolls.

The MIDI pack is available for $10 USD. A bundle with the Riot Drums instrument is $55 USD.

Riot Drums is a fully sampled drum kit that was inspired by classic 90s Hardcore albums. It includes 2,700+ unique drum samples.

RIOT Drums is a drum sampler plugin in VST / AU Format for hardcore punk and such genres. It plays in your audio editor of choice by processing midi notes into real drumsamples. It is very realistic and unprocessed for you to create unique sound.

More information: It Might Get Loud Productions / HC Essentials