HeadlessBuddha Samples has released a free demo kit from the upcoming Headless Bap Drums release.

The full pack will include over 200 drum hits, including articulations on hi-hats and cymbals to get a more dynamic sound in your beats. The free demo kit pack comes with 3 kicks, 2 snares, and 4 hi-hat hits (closed and open).

Headless Bap

It’s no surprise that we love tape, we love vintage gear, and we love that dirt that modern music is missing. Headless Bap drums brings you that and will become your go-to sample library for Boom Bap and 90s Hip-Hop/Rap Beats!

I’ve been sampling stuff for myself for more that ten years and have collected thousands of one-shot samples and loops. Headless Bap Drums is just the first tinny bit of that focusing exclusively on Boom Bap drums.

You get lots of one-shot Kicks, Snares, Hats, Cymbals and Rides processed in many different ways. Most of these samples come from vinyls and were passed through a vintage sampler, many went through vintage or DIY compressors and EQs, and I think all of them got some tape treatment (as I said, I’ve been sampling stuff for more than ten years, it’s impossible to remember every gear used on every sample).

The Headless Bap Drums pack is scheduled for release in the last week of September. It be $25 USD but you can already pre-order it today for $10 USD.

You can also get this pack and all upcoming products by pledging $6 USD/month at the HeadlessBuddha Samples Patreon page. For $9 USD/month you will also get the Full Bundle pack, which includes all previous releases.

More information: HeadlessBuddha Samples