HeadlessBuddha Samples has announced the release of Casiomojo MT-35, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

HeadlessBuddha Casiomojo MT-35

This time we at HeadlessBuddha Samples have sampled these six sexy preset sounds of a simple but awesome synth released in 1984.

It’s a charmingly cheesy and vibey instrument full of character, life, and warmth Kontakt 5 Instrument recorded through our customized valve pre-amp made in the 70’s and a cassette tape recorder.

Casiomojo MT-35 features

  • 264 samples divided into 6 sound groups (Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Oboe, Clarinet & Vibraphone). Total of 44 notes per group, with lower notes stretched to achieve 4 octaves (C-0 to C-4).
  • 1 Kontakt instrument – 44.1kHz/24 bit .wav format samples.
  • All recorded through valve pre-amps and cassette tape.
  • A set of 18 custom impulse responses.
  • Decompressed .wav files.

The library is available for purchase for $6 USD.

More information: HeadlessBuddha Samples