VST Buzz is offering a 64% discount on the Headphase V2 virtual synthesizer instrument by Audio Reward.

The unique sounds of Headphase can be controlled in many ways and blended to create sonically deep and lush textures.

With “Headphase V2” Audio Reward have drawn inspiration heavily from the “Boards of Canada” palette, hence the name. Every included sound has been specifically made for “Headphase” and each one can be controlled in many ways and blended to create sonically deep and lush textures.

On the surface you can start loading presets and playing “Headphase” instantly and you can get creative by turning a few controls to see what they do… but Headphase goes much deeper than this.

It uses a new concept ‘Audio Design Partials’ to give you access to various parameters while just moving one of 4 knobs. These will open up a world of new sounds.

Headphase V2 features

  • 979 MB installed.
  • 1323 Custom Snapshots.
  • An innovative approach to sound design called Audio Design Partials.
  • Dual Gates (each voice has its own gate).
  • Gate syncopation – Adds in an envelope as part of each step so even if you set all the gate step values to the same you will still hear each gate step individually.
  • Voice routing – each voice now has its own routing – which means its own Send Levels and its own FX generated by the smooth partials.
  • Mod Wheel positioning – Move the mod wheel and you will begin to influence where in the wave file Headphase is sampling from.

Regularly 28 EUR, Headphase V2 is on sale for just 10 EUR until March 12th, 2019. The library requires Kontakt 5.7 or higher (full version).

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