Heavens*onEarth Godel

Heavens*onEarth has released Godel, an ensemble for Reaktor featuring three fully polyphonic arpeggiators.

They all can play notes from MIDI, from mouse clicks on the polyphonic screen color keyboard, from the built-in chord generators, and from notes stored in snapshots. Also they all can arpeggiate each other! Here’s the main panel, designed to be as compact as possible. It easily fits in any display.

Godel features

  • Chord Generators — The two integrated chord generators are a fifth-generation design than can both add chords to the polyphonic output, and also insert notes into the arpeggiation sequence. Multiple clocks, beat generators, and pattern generators can twist the patterns in simple or complex ways.
  • Note Sorting and Transposition — The main arpeggiator sorts notes and plays them in sequence. The two additional transposer units can selectively transpose and adjust duration of notes from the input, and/or notes from the chord generators in the arpeggio, and/or notes from the chord generators added to each output note. All the arpeggiators and transposers run in synchronized time with each other, or they can run at different tempos.
  • Recalling an Arpeggio — Godel goes one step further by saving all input notes as presets in the snapshots, together with the panel settings. Recalling a snapshot inserts notes into the arpeggiator, in the same order they were originally played. The multiple arpeggiators then start playing the same notes, just as they did before.
  • And There’s More — There’s so much more to this design, it’s impossible to know what facts to present first! A complete manual is available for download for your preview.

Godel is available to purchase for $43.39 USD (includes tax and access to design variants in response to subscriber requests).

The free Heidegger ensemble — An entirely switchless waveset MIDI/sequencer synthesizer, was updated as well.

Changes in Heidegger update

  • It now includes its own custom waveset file. Previously this was distributed only with Marx, to reduce download filesize.
  • The ensemble (originally designed for Reaktor 3) now works in Reaktor 5. As the Godel arpeggiator and Husserl sequencers are now available as standalone instruments, Heidegger is reconfigured to be driven by MIDI directly, so you can play it from a keyboard, or from our MIDI instruments, or from your own.

The free Heidegger ensemble is available to download for registered users (registration is free).

More information: Heavens*onEarth