Heavens*onEarth has announced the release of Husserl Mini, a free “Christmas Special” version of the Husserl metasequencer for Reaktor.

Heavens*onEarth Husserl Mini

Heavens*onEarth Husserl Mini

As a way of saying thank you! to Heavens*onEarth supporters, we are glad to provide Husserl Mini as a Christmas Special.

Husserl mini has just one simple panel, and five looping sequencers which can modulate each other’s pitch and velocity. It also has custom core-level logic to drive a multidisplay module for the bar display, providing zoom and highlight modes not available in Reaktor table modules.

Husserl Mini is available as a free download for all Husserl subscribers ($79.99 USD).

More information: Heavens*onEarth / Husserl Mini