Heavens*onEarth Electric

Heavens*onEarth has released version 1.1 of Electric, an analog-style synthesizer for Reaktor 5.

More progress on Electric! Electric subscribers can now download version 1.1, which extends version 1.0 with an entire new snapshot bank, feature enhancements, and it needs 25% less CPU.

Changes in Electric v1.1

  • Performance Enhancements — The mixer, overdrive, and portamento circuits were CPU-optimized to realize a typical 25% improvement in CPU usage.
  • Improved Analog Emulation — Especially obvious in monophonic modes, consecutive voices are now slightly detuned and vary very slightly, particularly providing a deeper range in bass timbres as a consequence of more detailed internal analog circuit emulation.
  • Polyphonic Portamento — Additional logic ensures, in polyphonic modes, that portamento tracks from the most recently played note. In typical Reaktor designs, glide in polyphonic modes occurs from one of the prior voices randomly, because this is a very difficult circuit to build and understand.
  • Improved Bipolar AM — The direction and gain for modulation from the bipolar sources (the two LFOs) to amplitude modulation of the oscillators and noise generator now functions more intuitively.
  • Enhanced Documentation — The manual has been updated with the new Heavens*onEarth fonts and stellar graphics, as well as 1.1 features.

Electric for Reaktor is available to purchase for $24.99 USD.

More information: Heavens*onEarth / Electric