Heavyocity Media has announced an official partnership with Ableton to distribute the DM-307 for Ableton line of virtual instruments. These packs, originally released by Heavyocity in August 2014, will now feature integration with Ableton Push, and will no longer require the full Ableton Suite.

Heavyocity Ableton

Created from Heavyocity’s award-winning DM-307: Modern Groove Designer for Kontakt, the DM-307 for Ableton pack collection contains over 2,000 individual loops, 15 multi-layered Drum Racks and 2,900+ One-Shots presented in wav form.

The full Collection consists of five individual Ableton Packs covering a variety of contemporary musical styles: Featured Artists, Cinematic Artists, Hybrid Cinematic, Latin Rock, and Hip Hop. DM-307 for Ableton offers all playback and sound shaping functionality through Ableton Live.

DM-307 products

  • DM-307 for Ableton – Collection MSRP: $149 USD
  • DM-307 for Ableton – Featured Artists MSRP: $49 USD
  • DM-307 for Ableton – Cinematic Artists MSRP: $39 USD
  • DM-307 for Ableton – Hybrid Cinematic MSRP: $39 USD
  • DM-307 for Ableton – Latin Rock MSRP: $29 USD
  • DM-307 for Ableton – Hip Hop MSRP: $19 USD
  • DM-307 for Ableton – Free Pack MSRP: $0 USD

All of the updated DM-307 for Ableton packs (including the Collection and Free Pack) will be available for purchase at both Heavyocity.com & the official Ableton Store.

More information: Heavyocity