Heavyocity Media has announced the release of the sequel to the iconic original cinematic percussion instrument.

Damage 2 for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player combines a massive collection of ensembles recorded at Skywalker Sound with aggressively Damaged hybrid elements, and over 860 gut-punching Loops.

Featuring three discrete engines with unique and inspiring workflows (Ensemble Designer, Kit Designer, and Loop Designer), Damage 2 is all the things that made the original Damage great, but bigger, badder, and better. Add in an unprecedented MIDI Performance Tool for creating truly realistic patterns, rolls, crescendos, and flourishes, Damage 2 marks the beginning of the next generation of percussion virtual instruments.

Brimming with over 40,000 samples, Damage 2 delivers nearly 60 GB’s of pure percussive inspiration. The Heavyocity team brought in truckloads of drums and percussive elements for the D2 Sessions; an arsenal of 24” to 72” gran casas, 24” to 60” Taikos, huge bass drums, giant snare ensembles, toms, ethnic drums, a myriad of struck found sound elements. They even rolled a dumpster onto the world-class scoring stage at Skywalker Sound. Now, these nearly-1600 sources have been placed into the hands of artists, composers, producers, and sound designers — with five discrete mic channels (Close, Room, Hall, LFE, and CRUSH), and a highly-customizable performance and effects engine.

Damage 2 is available for the intro price of $299 USD until August 27th, 2020 (regular $399 USD). Damage 1 owners will get an additional $100 USD off a purchase.

The offer is valid at the Heavyocity store and from distributor Plugin Boutique.