Heavyocity Media has announced the release of tge third installment in its all-new Foundations line of free virtual instruments. Nylon Guitar is a modern introduction to the vibrant, classical guitar.

Combining the lush, soft dynamics of a nylon-stringed acoustic guitar, a meticulously-crafted sound design layer, and a highly customizable interface, the virtual instrument delivers a variety of mellow, ambient sounds specifically developed to enhance your story.

“Our new FOUNDATIONS line was created to introduce all music makers to the dynamic world of cinematic sound,” said Ari Winters, Creative Director/Senior Partner, Heavyocity. “We want to deliver professional-quality, foundational instruments designed to inspire the next generation of film, TV, and game scores.”

Foundations Nylon Guitar features

  • 106 Samples.
  • 2 Sound Sources: Soft Nylon Guitar and Ambient String Texture.
  • 10 Custom Presets.
  • Gate | Arpeggio control for building complex, rhythmic patterns.
  • 2 Channel Mixer realtime source blending.
  • Envelope Control.
  • Master FX – Punch, Delay, and Reverb.

Nylon Guitar is free to download now from the Heavyocity website. The instrument library runs in Kontakt 6 and the free Kontakt 6 Player from Native Instruments.