blortblort has released hecticalm, a soundset featuring a collection of 68 presets for the Factory synthesizer instrument from Sugar Bytes.

blortblort hecticalm

Factory. unlike any other synth I have used. it’s a blast to program and I had no trouble creating very complex matrix routings that yield (to my ears) nice organic/living modulation.

hecticalm. This is the name that I finally came up with to describe the sounds that grew from Factory. All synths are at least a little bit different from one another and they all have areas where one might shine more than another…I usually “let the synth guide me” regarding programming and what its unique facets are… Factory is no exception to that practice. The sounds I found myself coming up with were either very smooth or very rhythmic and punctuated. Having two LFO and 4 sequencers that can route to everything AND themselves too makes it very easy to have both a “hectic” and “calm” elements in the same preset!
Also- I have made use of the A to B morph option, so please use your Mod Wheel to experience the entire sound. Some of them are quite surprising!

hecticalm is available for $20 USD. Through December 2nd, 2017, you can save 50% off hecticalm and other sound packs with coupon code SOBLACK at checkout.

The Factory synthesizer is still on sale at Plugin Boutique at over 40% off until November 28th.

More information: blortblort