HeelAudio has released Duck EQ, a free dynamic equalizer effect plug-in for Mac.

HeelAudio Duck EQ

The Duck EQ dynamic equalizer / frequency-specific ducker by HeelAudio.

Duck EQ is an Equaliser that reacts to a side chain input, or in other words a Ducker that can act on specific frequencies. However, it can also work as a normal Ducker, as well as an all-or-nothing dynamic EQ.

Ducking has many applications in mixing and broadcast, especially for managing tracks with overlapping frequency content, like Bass and Kick Drum, Vocals and Electric Guitars etc.
DuckEQ’s integration of EQ means it can duck only specific frequency bands, as well as normal ‘broadband’ ducking. Apart from ducking, there are many other applications that DuckEQ can be used, for example instead of ducking a signal, one could apply gain to the EQ bands and “EQ-Gate”.

The Duck EQ for Mac (AU/VST) is available to download at no charge.

More information: HeelAudio / Duck EQ