HelloSamples has launched the fourth title in its Sweet Chords series of sample packs, offering a collection of chord sounds and construction kits.

This time we’ve put together a collection of chords fed by our modular system as the centrepiece, but also coexisting with our beloved Rhodes keyboard, various synths and custom vinyl textures and soundscapes.

This library is divided in three main categories: Raw Modular, EPxModularxSynth and Re-SamplingxModular. The first one, is a set of chords sampled using exclusively our modules without any additional external processing; the second one, is an array of Electric Piano chords processed through our modular system, adding complementary synths (hardware and VST’s) and on top of that some modular chords; and last but not least, we have a batch of resampled music from friends and custom vinyl pressings processed through our modules, giving to it a singular granular texture. Pure bliss!

Rugged textures blending with saw-tooth and square waves, saturating an analog filter’s input with a smooth envelope. Ambient chords using sine waves together with abstract textures and background foley and delays, creating hypnotic rhythms. Wowed Electric pianos (that sweet effect that old vinyl players make when they get subtly out of tune and tempo) nurturing a reverb with it’s feedback set to the infinite, creating a space in your mind that evokes the future but smells like the past.

Sweet Chords Vol. 4 features

  • WAV Pack: 1500+ Samples (WAV 24-bit / 44.1 kHz).
  • Ableton Pack: 182 Instruments (91 Drum Racks + 91 Simpler ‘Select Series’ Instruments).
  • Maschine Pack: 95 Groups.

Sweet Chords Vol. 4 is available for purchase starting at 20 EUR ex. VAT.

More information: HelloSamples / Sweet Chords Vol. 4