Heptode has announced the release of a new guitar amp simulator for Windows. Based on proprietary technology, Amplosion simulates the tone and the dynamics of classic tube amps.

Heptode Amplosion

The low CPU usage, low latency plugin offers classic American and British amps in an easy-to-use interface.

Amplosion features

  • Simulated amps: Leo (Fender Blackface simulation) and Jim (Marshall JCM800 2203 simulation).
  • Speaker Cabinet simulation with IR loader and hi-cut filter (Heptode proprietary CabSim).
  • 3 channels.
  • Bypass amp (offering the possibility of using only the speaker cabinet simulation).
  • Presets Manager.
  • Input level control.
  • Output mute control.
  • Mono in / Mono out.
  • Stereo in / Stereo out (stereo audio processing with same settings on left and right channels).

Amplosion is available in VST3 format for Windows, at an intro price of 24.90 USD/EUR (regular 39.90 USD/EUR). A free fully-functional 15-day trial version is available for download.

More information: Heptode