Heptode virtual Heavy Tone and Deep Crunch

Heptode has announced the release of Heavy Tone and Deep Crunch, two virtual effect plug-ins emulating Heptode’s guitar pedal effects.

HEPTODE offers free download of VST* plugins that simulates DEEP CRUNCH and
HEAVY TONE pedals.

It is still difficult to simulate the whole behavior of analog components (analog pedals are still alive!). The virtual pedals are therefore not perfect, and do not intend to replace the real pedals.

Virtual Heavy Tone / Deep Crunch features

  • Official emulations of analog boutique guitar pedals by Heptode.
  • Inspired by the Soldano SLO-100 amp overdrive and crunch channels.
  • Realistic tubish hi-gain distortion and crunchy sounds.
  • Gain and Level.
  • Bass/Middle/Treble EQ.
  • Guitar cabinet simulation.

The virtual Heavy Tone and Deep Crunch are available as freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

More information: Heptode