Hercules has announced the release of the Monitor 5, a new and improved speaker for DJs, producers, gamers, and those looking for a better quality speaker at a lower price.

Hercules DJ Monitor 5

The Monitor 5 is composed of kevlar composite woofers and metal membrane tweeters.

Building on the experience they acquired creating the Hercules DJ Monitor 5 speakers — widely acclaimed by the DJing community for their excellent precision and accessibility — Hercules’ engineers took extreme care in developing the Monitor 5, the new generation.

These monitoring speakers each feature a 5-inch/12.7-cm woofer for precise, powerful and versatile performance. They’re perfect for learning how to mix, producing your first music tracks, and for multimedia creation as well.

Monitor 5 features

  • 5 inch woofers.
  • Balanced dual bass ports.
  • Speaker enclosures crafted of high-density MDF.
  • 80 watts RMS output power per speaker.
  • RCA, TRS (6.35 mm) and XLR inputs.
  • Compact design, perfect for any space.
  • On/Off switch on front of each speaker for easy access.
  • Master volume knob on front of each speaker for more precise control.
  • Indicator light in ON position.
  • High-frequency adjustment: + or – 2 dB.
  • Low-frequency adjustment: + or – 2 dB.
  • Adjustable low-frequency cutoff: 56 Hz, 80 Hz or 100 Hz.

The Monitor 5 is available in a two speaker bundle starting at $299 USD.

More information: Hercules

Hercules DJ Monitor 5 pair