Hermann Seib releases Wave 2.2 V6 (WaveSim)

Hermann Seib Wave 2.2 V6

Hermann Seib has released Wave 2.2 V6, a free VST version of WaveSim (Wave Simulator).

Wave 2.2 V6 is a simulation of the PPG Wave 2.2.

Wave 2.2 V6 features

  • 8 voices, monotimbral, Stereo output
  • MIDI (wouldn’t work as a VSTi otherwise)
  • OS: PPG Wave 2.2 V6
  • Factory Sound Set
  • Program, Sustain, Trigger signals can be sent by parameter automation

A commercial EVU (rackmount) simulation for Wave 2.2 and 2.3 is in the works.

Visit Hermann Seib‘s website for more information and a link to download Wave 2.2 V6.

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Well done, Mr. Hermann Seib! Your PPG Wave 2.2 V6 VST definitely comes very convincingly close to the sound of the original PPG Wave 2.2 synthesizer! I use the Wave 2.2 V6 extensively on a lot of my musical compositions and pieces, and I’m planning on using it liberally on my upcoming album Welcome To The Asperdome (which is still in the making and will be released on BandCamp sometime in the future).

Congratulations, Mr. Seib, for successfully bringing the legendary PPG Wave 2.2 sound into VST technology! Wunderbar! Well done!

From a very sincere admirer,
Jude Kuzma a.k.a. Bulletix