H.G. Fortune ProtoPlasm 21 public beta

H.G. Fortune has released a public beta of ProtoPlasm 21 (for free until Easter Monday).

This beta is about 90% complete with some minor things still on the todo list like implementation of Lazy buttons, SF2 Load button though you can load wave files already in this beta. The final version will be out with external SF2 files for the registered version.

  • most selectors can be set by dragging with mouse while switches up to three options require clicking by mouse. See white and lightblueish rectangles on screen
  • all former LFO modulations have been replaced by a dedicated modulation matrix with positive and negative input from each source
  • Small Transition function has been replaced by a fourth oscillator with ‘Attack’ waveforms. Now one can add various attack sounds (oneshot samples) to presets even with adjustable velocity dependant switching. This makes the ProtoPlasm a lot more different to the STS-26 too
  • Added LKO as delay mode (when active no delay will be there unless last key has been released)
  • Adjustable keytracking for both filters added
  • Velocity for VCA Amplifier added
  • FilterFM uses output of SF Osc. 2 before level adjustment so the signal is present while level of this osc might be set 0
  • replaced LFO3 by an LFO with 21 more complex waveforms
  • nearly complete new set 128 of waveforms (and different to STS-26) plus 51 oneshot attack waves for Attack oscillator

This beta doesn’t come with any presets and the GUI is only a development type so this will change (the developer is looking for someone who can do a decent GUI in a filigrane style, so let him know if you could help).

Download the beta here (the public beta period has ended).

Comments/bug reports can be sent to info [AT] hgf-synthesizer [DOT] de