Hideaway Studio has announced the release of Zero-1, a synthesizer sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Hideaway Studio Zero-1 Synthesizer

The Zero-1 is based on the Yamaha CS01 synthesizer.

Zero-1 is in essence a single oscillator virtual analog synthesizer (VA) loosely based on the CS01 monosynth which was released in 1982 as an affordable entry into the world of analog synthesis… but with a twist! Rather than simply sample the basic DCO oscillators from the original instrument I thought it might be more interesting to first pass them through a tube overdrive and Watkins Copicat tape delay. Mangling the raw oscillators in this manner injected a significant amount of character and movement to the original waveforms – even the splice in the tape loop adds something! Five oscillators were multi-sampled in 24-bits in this manner: triangle, sawtooth, 50% square, 25% square and PWM.

One unique feature of the Zero-1 is the ability to switch between a Mk I and Mk II CS01 filter emulation. This selects either a 12dB/oct or 24dB/oct filter and changes the livery of the control panel to match the original variants – a flash of genius by Stephen Howell at Hollow Sun!

Zero-1 features

  • The Zero-1 Synth for Kontakt.
  • 50 24-bit tube & tape waveshaped oscillator samples.
  • 40 editable example instrument patches with ability to save.
  • 10 example layered multi patches.
  • User Guide.

Zero-1 for Kontakt is available to purchase for £5 GBP.

More information: Hideaway Studio / Zero-1 Synthesizer