Following the recent character delay, Higher HZ has launched a free multi-effect plugin that is designed to add depth and sparkle to any sound.

HZ Multiplier features unison, chorus, reverb, and delay, allowing you to transform dull sounds into epic soundscapes, rhythmic patterns, and most things in-between.

As a versatile multi-effects plugin, HZ Multiplier offers an easy way to do various things from one interface. It functions perfectly as a simple effect or a more in-depth sound design tool.

HZ Multiplier features

  • Intuitive GUI: Easy to use with color-coded core controls (Spread, Width, Rate, Depth, Dry, Wet, Hi/Lo Pass).
  • 6 Delay/Pan Taps: Control the interaction between time and pan by setting the Delay offset and stereo position for each Tap.
  • Feedback: Set the regeneration amount per Tap, and emphasize the effect as Reverb or Flanger (PreDelay/Spread at or close to zero).
  • Hi/Lo Pass Filters: 12db filters with resonance offer tonal shaping.
  • Presets: 8 preset patches showcase some common use cases of HZ Multiplier.

The plugin is free to download in VST/VST3 and AU formats for Windows and Mac.

More information: Higher HZ