HighLife Samples has announced the release of Producing Dance Radio Hit, a full video course that teaches you how to make a hit song with step-by-step tutorials.

We’ll show you how to create an industry-standard radio single with all the essential sounds for a chart-topping hit, as well as all sound design tips and tricks that make a track stand out. This video course is divided into 14 video episodes, showing you how to set up your project from scratch, how to select your drums, sound design tricks, how to write a catchy melody, mixing and mastering, and much more.

The video course was made with Ableton Live, and used 90% of Ableton’s stock plugins. For the sound design, we used only two VSTs, Serum and Kickstart 2. Studying the Ableton Project file will give you a great insight into the processing of mixing, mastering, sound layering, equalization, compression, group channel processing, and automation. If you’re not an Ableton user, don’t worry, the techniques shown in the videos can be applied to other DAWs as well. You can also find all WAV, MIDI, and sample files to import them inside your own DAW.

The course is priced £35 GBP. Use coupon code REKKERD at the checkout to get a 35% discount on Producing Dance Radio Hit or any other product at the HighLife Samples store.

More information: HighLife Samples