HISS and a ROAR has launched a new collection of foliage sounds recorded across two seasons, winter and spring.

This is a library I have needed myself so many times over the years: real plant and bush movement!

The 11.47GB sample library includes 559 24bit/96kHz .WAV files with photos and UCS metadata.

SD050 Foliage features

  • Leafy branch moves, shakes, swishes, passbys, hits, breaks.
  • Palm, fern and flax movement.
  • Pine, wattle, willow and kawa kawa leafy branch manipulation.
  • Corn rustles and movement.
  • Fresh rhubarb and zucchini leaves, and dead autumn leaves.
  • Small scale leaf and twig movement flaps.
  • Grass gouges, scrapes, footsteps and scuffs.
  • Sustained ambience sweeteners.
  • Slashing & cutting foliage with a machete.
  • Clay clod and dirt thrown into bushes.
  • Bare branch hits and log drops.
  • Slingshot bullet whizzes into bushes and ricochets from trees.

Regularly $99 USD, the sound library is available at a 33% early bird discount with coupon code FERN at the checkout until January 23rd, 2022.

More information: HISS and a ROAR