HISS and a ROAR has released a new MiniFX Library series sample collection featuring a collection of characterful and useful plate smash sounds sourced from ceramic plates and pottery.

After sourcing two crates of plates that were otherwise destined for recycling, I destroyed them during lockdown. Smashes on a concrete slab and a cinder block as well as metal hammer and wood mallet breaks were captured 24bit 96kHz mono via MKH8050 as well as stereo via MKH8040 pair, gain staging to preserve transients. After lockdown was lifted, I went back to the recycling plant and got another four crates of plates, first smashing one batch at an exterior location, and then experimenting with the remainder in the studio. Along with more smashes I also suspended individual plates on bungy cord and captured a series of resonant hits, slowly escalating force until each shattered.

Next I sourced some old pottery and strategically smashed it, and then began to explore the mountain of debris I had created. Along with drops and movement on concrete, I also used hessian sacks, filled to varying degrees to capture impacts and movement. At times these created unexpected results: a bag full of plate debris sounded like strange armour, some pirates dream of gold bullion or punching a robot in the head!

FX012 Plate Smash is available for purchase for $29 USD. Use coupon code SMASH at the checkout to receive a 33% early bird discount (valid until October 3rd, 2021).

More information: HISS and a ROAR