HISS and a ROAR has announced the release of its new sound fx sample library Particle Feedback, a deep dive into a particular form of feedback.

By using a technique of feedback between a transducer (vibrational speaker) and a contact mic, a resonant body becomes an oscillator, via excitation of its surface. Any variation in pressure or placement, alters the harmonics of the feedback. But very interesting sounds are also generated when the feedback is de-stabalized, via de-tuning, shaking, movement, friction, percussive impacts. As more feedback paths are added, very complex interactions occur, between each feedback path, influenced by room acoustics and… by yours truly!

The sustained tones and harmonic drones in this library are a rich source for tonal use, along with granular and spectral processing. Ranging from pure tonal beauty through to harsh panic-inducing tones, the multitrack capture of these sounds allows vast scope for unique sound design. But many unexpected uses can also be found for the multitude of short phrases, squeals, shrieks, and howls. Unique electronic character vocals (alien birdlife? R2D2 on bad acid?) UI bleeps, alarm sounds, tonal pings, and sting elements.

Priced $99 USD, the library includes 916 .Wav files (24bit/96kHz) with photos and UCS metadata. An early bird discount of 33% is available until March 27th, 2022. Use coupon code HOWL at the checkout.

More information: HISS and a ROAR